August 10, 2006

We need Habeus Corpus

The police have foiled a major terrorist plot. Or maybe they haven't. This has lead to the arrest of 18 people, based on good inteligence gathered by the police. Or maybe it wasn't. The threat level has been pushed up to critical so an attack is expected imminently. Or it might not be.

What we do know is that Muslims are isolating themselves from the rest of the country. That Islam glories in death and that Islamists, and their fellow travellers, glory in terrorism. There will be more Islamic Terrorist attacks in the UK. But was this one? Or just an attempt by Labour to bury some bad news? That we do not know. We should not have to ask whether the government is arresting people and making up stories simply to stoke up Fear, but with Labour in power we do. We need to see the evidence, or to use that quaint legal term from before Labour: Habeus Corpus, but such quaint old notions have no place in Labour's modern Britian.


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